Houston - Ascending the Mountain of Simplicity

Houston - Ascending the Mountain of Simplicity


This month, we are going to examine the fundamentals of computer programming and compare it to the language of prayer by analogy. To accomplish this our presenter, Chad Gibbons, will demonstrate how to achieve “higher” and simpler communication within a computational machine using a low-level programming language. This one will be a doozy.




We just received word that Improving has re-opened its office for User Groups, so we will be looking to host the meeting there. We will post an update when we find out what safety guidelines are in place at the Improving Office. That being said, we will have the usual virtual meeting room for those who are concerned about meeting in person.


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Hello Everyone,
We received an update regarding meeting in person at the Improving office. They have the following safety measures and guidelines in place:

  • The meeting space will be sanitized before and after the group, and everyone is asked to maintain distance.
  • masks are recommended (but not required) while not eating or drinking.
  • The class rooms will be setup for class room style seating, and if we re-arrange the seats, then we are asked to return them to that setup.
  • Catering is available at no cost. For the time being it will be individual boxed sandwiches.

If you plan on coming to the office, please vote in the poll above or email us at meeting@catholiccomputing.club. We would like an accurate headcount to make sure that enough boxed sandwiches are ordered.

The repository for the C Kata at the end of the meeting is below.

I recommend having a C compiler already installed.
Windows : MinGW.org
Linux : install build-essential
Mac : Xcode in Mac App Store