Houston - On the Metal

Houston - On the Metal


This month, our presentation will be about a brand new project called Racklet. Most companies are leveraging cloud computing in some form, with many running entirely on a public cloud provider like AWS or Azure. This leads to a layering-on of different capabilities and services that make it incredibly difficult for individuals to gain a real grasp of the systems underlying the services they are using. Come find out how Racklet attempts to solve that problem.




We have updated the virtual meeting room. see the link below for the additional information

Improving has re-opened its office for User Groups. They have the following safety measures and guidelines in place:

  • The meeting space will be sanitized before and after the group, and everyone is asked to maintain distance.
  • masks are recommended (but not required) while not eating or drinking.
  • The class rooms will be setup for class room style seating, and if we re-arrange the seats, then we are asked to return them to that setup.
  • Catering is available at no cost. For the time being it will be individual boxed sandwiches.

If you plan on coming to the office, please vote in the poll below or email us at meeting@catholiccomputing.club. We would like an accurate headcount to make sure that enough boxed sandwiches are ordered.


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