Houston - Technology Forms Us

Houston - Technology Forms Us


So often we look at technology as a set of tools to entertain, explore, and achieve more. However, unlike the wheel or the printing press, digital technology can automatically adapt, not only expanding but also constraining human action and thought. During this month’s meetup, we will engage with a thought-provoking presentation about how computing technology and technology companies can encourage a disembodied view of the human person. I’ve linked audio and visual versions of the presentation below:

Visual Presentation: Acton Lecture Series: Digital Contagion - YouTube
Audio Presentation: Digital technology and surveillance capitalism - YouTube




Due to the desire of various members to continue attending during this time, this event will include a remote option. Please vote in the poll about whether you will be attending remotely or in person so that we can coordinate with the Improving office.

Nextcloud Talk

In Person

For those meeting in person, Improving has the following safety measures and guidelines in place:

  • The meeting space will be sanitized before and after the group, and everyone is asked to maintain distance.
  • masks are recommended (but not required) while not eating or drinking.
  • The classrooms will be set up for classroom-style seating, and if we re-arrange the seats, then we are asked to return them to that setup.
  • Catering is available at no cost.

Again, If you plan on coming to the office, please vote in the poll below or email us at meeting@catholiccomputing.club. We would like an accurate headcount to make sure that enough food is ordered.

  • Coming (Remote)
  • Coming (In-Person)
  • Not Coming

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